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THERA Nail Color made of scallop shells express dry removed warm water | Bracken

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Gofun nail polish | A gift from the ocean is changed into gofun nail polish colored by a Kyoto yuzen artisan.

Color emulsion Manyonoiro – 10ml

Gofun is a white paint, which has long been used for Japanese dolls, as well as paintings on the walls and ceilings of shrines and temples. Gofun is made from a natural material: scallop shells. It is environmentally-friendly and also gentle on nails since its grains are round. As it does when used for paint, it produces good color saturation. Its container that looks like a medicine bottle expresses the origin of manicure, which used to be done for healing one’s nails.


Gofun is gentle on nails and the environment. There is no smell like there is with oil-based nail polish, because organic solvents are not used.

A nail polish remover is not necessary

Just wash off with hot water! Nail polish remover is the worst irritant to nails. It is possible to remove the nail polish by putting your fingertips in hot water for about 1 minute without using nail polish remover. If you are in a rush, dampen cotton with rubbing alcohol, and place it on nails for about 30 seconds, and wipe gently.

Quick dry

Only a minute after coating! (It varies by person.) Our formula emphasizes quick drying for busy modern people. Since it reacts to body temperature, it dries faster on a person with a higher body temperature.


Since it is made without volatile solvents, it does not become pasty, and can be used to the last. No thinner is required.

Nail colors made using gofun derived from scallop shells are gentle on nails. They have good color reproduction and dry quickly. Just a brush of it will show their fresh colors.