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Okinawa Clay Coaster (Shisa) | Absorbent Saver and Clay Coasters, Made from Self-dry Okinawa Clay by roof tile crafters

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  • SAFE AND CHEMICAL FREE- Hand made from all natural Okinawa Clay. This absorbent Oknawa Clay Coaster is safe,and fast self-drying.
  • MAXIMUM WATER ABSORBENCY- The coaster soaks up water immediately, and gets dry in a quickly.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Originated from Japan, Okinawa, this product can be used as a soap holder and a drink coaster
  • EASY TO CLEAN- Rinse with clean water or use detergent and dry in ventilation places.

This coaster is made of Okinawa kawara-yane 瓦屋根 in Japanese. Kawara is a variety of clay tile.

What exactly is a kawara? The term originally refers to a slab of clay that has been baked until it hardens.

The notion of clay, together with clay roofs, were passed on from China around the 7th century. Due to Okinawa climate that rains a lot and humid, this Okinawa clay future is known for absorb water fast and escapes in vapor fast.

The Okinawa local roof crafters focus on the feature of the clay and make them diffusers and coasters.




Producing process with the craftmanship

Once the coasters are taken out from the mold, the crafters would make the edge round with fingers and hands.

All the process is done one by one by hands.

Leave them for 2 weeks to dry out and bake with 1832F to finish.



Coaster maintenance

Here is the tips for cleaning.

When you have some dust and mold cannot remove, don't worry.

You just can follow the process and they will be clean!

Please make sure you remove the rubbers on the bottom.

Remove the glue on the bottom also.



Put in the oven 350 F for 30min.

The dust and mold will be burned but the coasters.


Wash with a scourer and remove all the burnt dust.


Then it will get back to all clean!