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Japanese Camellia Seed Oil (Tsubaki Oil) | 100% Pure / Natural / Undiluted / Refined / Cold Pressed Carrier Oil. Rich antioxidant to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair, skin and nails. 46g

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Cold-pressed, unrefined Japanese Camellia (Tsubaki) oil for hair, body, face, nails and cuticles care.

Superb emollient and moisturizer. You will fall in love with its creamy texture and deep golden color.

Fast absorbing. Non-comedogenic (does not block skin pores, and does not contribute to acne.)

Rich in Linoleic fatty acid (Omega-6) and numerous anti-aging antioxidants. Highest Oleic fatty acid (Omega-9) content than any natural oil (82%).

  • Adds brilliance to dull hair and treats damage from perms and coloring
  • Restores moisture to hair and prevents breakage and split ends
  • Penetrates skin, without clogging pores, adding bounce and elasticity.
  • Softens rough skin in areas such as elbows, legs, knees and heels
  • Diminishes stretch marks and minor scars
  • For nails too