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The small town called Imabari produces towels and they have been producing for more than 120 years. Their products have been known for quality. The softness and good spring water absorbency have gained the name recognized around the world.

Towels with surrounded their nature

Imabari in Ehime prefecture, there are almost 200 factories that twist yarn, dye yarn, fabricate towels, etc. at this great production site. 

The water 

Their impurity free soft water from Sojagawa River makes the yarn and materials of towel gentle, bright and soft.


Various crafters skills help the details of each process of the production including yarn handling, weaving, dye composition, and the unique dyeing strings technique.

Five-Second Rule - quality control 
They have their own quality inspection methods. For example, there is the “five-second rule.” They check whether a towel sinks after it is placed on the water within five seconds. If the towel does not start sinking in 5 seconds, it will be rejected.