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THERA Toner from sake | Frictionless skin toner for improving skin regeneration without irritation

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Beauty using sake 120ml / 4fl oz

For bright and fresh skin like the hands of sake brewers.

The hands of sake brewers, who touch rice koji, sake lees, and sake daily during the brewing process, are white, smooth, and velvety. The secret is in the ingredients of sake and koji, fermented foods of Japan. A lot of active ingredients for beauty and aging care are generated by fermentation and help one’ s skin regain its original power, making it dewy and beautiful. Skin care line from a background of fermentation, yeast, and enzymes.


The world’s first formula with ceramides derived from Japanese chestnut.

Moisturizing lotion from sake Volume:120mL

 Moisturizing lotion that can be used safely and abundantly, even for sensitive skin. While the ingredients selected are mild, it effectively cares for sebum, sensitive skin, and derma. It is not sticky at all, but the skin’s own moisture is retained to produce fresh and juicy feeling for your skin. 〈How to use〉 Put it on your palms, and gently pat your skin to apply a thin layer. *Special Care Apply a mask with cotton moistened with the lotion once a week for concentrated care.