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THERA | Sake Face Wash Enzyme Powder (White)

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Skin care line from a background of fermentation, yeast, and enzymes 50g

Gentle wash powder made using enzymes derived from green papaya fruit. The most attractive point of washing your skin with these enzymes is the way it removes old keratin and keratin plugs. Since protein is not decomposed by normal facial cleaner, keratin accumulates and causes keratin buildup, clogged pores, grime, and pimples. By removing old keratin, you help the skin regenerate normally. Try this for bright and dewy skin without cloudiness or grime in your pores.

Pure wash powder made with natural soap materials and enzyme powder from green papaya fruit.  Safe to use by people with sensitive skin.


Take a small amount on your palm, add some water or lukewarm water to make a paste, and massage and wash with it.